Jörn Hendrik Ast


Jörn Hendrik was a career changer right away. Starting as a craftsman in the family business of his father, he quickly discovered his talent as a salesman and networker. For more than a decade he proved his sales and leadership-skills in B2C and B2B sales-companies. But his vision to change business by making it a more transparent and people-centric world, finally led him to change tie and cubefarm with laptop and coworking-space. Together with Inken Arntzen he founded the career orientation program „Superhelden-Training“ which is workshop, book project and online platform all in one. With his deep insights about supply and demand in the job markets, social media marketing, sales and his network talent he founded the specialized consulting company ffluid in 2011. From there he joined the Berlin based Startup jovoto and now established his Solopreneurship in the german capital and startup hub Berlin. On his blog ffluid.de he writes about the workplace of the future and the fluid career.